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Ink buying is trickier than you might first imagine


Many of us don't put much thought into buying ink. We usually just go to an office supply store and purchase the ink we need. In the majority of cases, we probably just pick a brand new ink cartridge. In fact, at many office supply stores, there won't be any other type of ink available. But is this always the best choice to make? The answer, as you might imagine, is no.

For example, let's stay with new cartridges and simply compare the prices of a cartridge you buy online vs. one that you purchase at an office store. The cartridge I used costs about $20 at a typical office store. Online, however, if I go to good ink stores like Inkfarm, I can typically get the same brand new cartridges for around $16.

But that's now where your savings end. If you purchase refilled ink cartridges (sometimes called remanufactured cartridges), your cost per cartridge can go down another 2 or 3 dollars. So in totay, you can end up saving up to $7 per cartridge. Over time, savings like this can accumulate.

Last but not least, I will usually hunt for an online inkfarm coupon I can use to get the best deal I can. Usually, you will find that it won't take long to find such coupons. In the worst case, you can always just do a Google search, and on most days, you should find at least 2 or 3 working coupons you can activate immediately to get a decent discount on your order.