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What type of fragrance should you buy?

Fragrances come in all types and sizes, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which fragrance is right for you. Here are some major types of fragrances you should consider, with brief descriptions of what each one is like.


1. Eau de toilette
This fragrance is not too strong and is perfect if you want to add a little scent into your life without overdoing it. You can get eau de toilettes for most brands, and all you need is a couple sprays each day on your neck or inner wrist to have a nice scent that will last into the evening.

2. Eau de parfum
These are the more traditional perfumes which have a strong scent. It is a great choice for people who want something more powerful than the eau de toilette. On the whole, you will have a better selection when shopping for eau de parfums. Note that eau de parfums offer a good deal of flexibility as well in terms of how strong a scent you wear. If you don't want your scent to be too strong, simply use it more sparingly.

3. Testers
These are bottles that come without the packaging. The good news is that tester bottles are usually heavily discounted, allowing you to get a nice fragrance for much less than you'd normally pay. I usually look for testers first when shopping for fragrances. If one is available, I just get that as I don't really care if I get the packaging or not.

Buying online is usually the best way to get a good deal on fragrances. I like to use the store, Affinity Mart, since they offer heavy discounts and also offer coupons from time to time. You can also try Ebay for low prices on fragrances.