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Electronic Cigarettes Are Finally Catching On

Not long ago, electronic cigarettes were still a rarity. I hardly ever saw someone using them in public. But things have changed quite a bit in the last five years or so. Nowadays, e-cigs are quite commonplace. There are several reasons that account for this in my opinion.

1) E-cigarettes are a healthier option to smoking. At first, not everyone bought this argument and quite a few warned that we can't be sure what the long-term effects of vaping might be. But as more and more people have begun to use e-cigarettes, people have started to realize that they seem to be more or less harmless for most people.

2) They are cheaper than regular cigarettes. Not only do a regular pack of cigarettes cost a lot more, there are also taxes that one must pay. By comparison, e-cigarettes are quite a bit less. In fact, some websites estimate that you can save $1800 or more per year by switching to e-cigarettes.

3) E-cigarettes taste better. This is a matter of personal opinion, but consider that smoking causes you to have bad breath and stinks up your car and furniture, whereas e-cigarettes have no such negative effects. As well, e-cigarettes offer you the chance to try out many different flavors, including dessert flavors, fruit flavors, drink flavors, and many others.

But the proliferation of e-cigarettes can have a downside. In the beginning, it was easy to get started with e-cigs since most setups were quite simple. Today, there are so many complex e-cigarette setups that the beginner can easily become overwhelmed. If you look on Youtube, you'll even find tutorials (like the one below) for e-cig users that spread over multiple videos and end up being a couple hours in length.


I don't know about you, but such a huge learning curve can be a turnoff for people who are just hoping for an easy way to get started.

Fortunately, there are still ways to get started in a simple manner. The answer is to use disposable e-cigs or simplified, small e-cigs commonly referred to as "cig-alikes." The disposable e-cigs are the simplest to use, as you simply open the package and start to use them. Once they are no longer producing vapor or the battery dies, you simply throw away the unit and start using the next one. In the long term, however, most people do not prefer to use disposable e-cigs since you can get better flavor from more advanced batteries.

The second option is to purchase a starter kit. In most cases, starter kits feature the small, cig-alike batteries. There e-cigs only have two parts, the battery and the cartridge. You simply screw the two parts together and you're ready to go. Unlike disposable e-cigs, however, you do not have to discard the battery when it runs out. Instead, you simply attach it to a recharger and can reuse it quite a few times. If you are unsure which brand to buy, I recommend Volcano. You can get Volcano Ecig coupons at this link if you want to get them at a discount.

I hope this article was helpful to new e-cigarettes users.