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Tips for cheaper gaming

Almost everyone I know likes to play games. These days, that usually means online video games instead of traditional games like Monopoly or Chess (both of which you can also play online). For those fortunate enough to like games on apps or free games, the cost to game online is minimal. But what about the rest of us. People who play PC games often pay $15 a month (e.g. World of Warcraft) or otherwise need to pay money to buy individual games or enhanced graphics cards. Playing on a console can sometimes be even more costly. Not only do you have to pay hundreds of dollars on consoles, you also need to shell out a good deal of money for each game you buy as well.

Fortunately, there is a cheaper way to play games. But before I get into the solution I find, I would like to ask you one question? How often do you play a game that you purchased? At first, you may play it every day. But once you win the game, the appeal usually deteriorates for most players. Even with a game you absolutely love, many people eventually tire of a game after a few months. Thereafter, the game simply sits on a shelf, making for a good addition to one's video game library, but serving no significant purpose beyond that. So we can see that purchasing video games does not always end up being the best financial decision.

The best scenario, then, seems to be borrowing video games. Were you to do this from Redbox, the cost is three dollars or more depending on where you live. This is usually higher than most people like to pay, and only works out if you want to rent a game for a short period of time.


It is for this reason that Gamefly is usually a better choice. Now, with Gamely, you must first obtain a membership, which starts around $15 a month (You can, however, get a 1-month free trial of Gamefly here). This works out to the equivalent of a 5-day rental from Redbox. But keep in mind that with Gamefly, you get to rent games for a full month. The way it works is as follows:

  1. You choose games you want to rent on the Gamefly website.
  2. Gamefly sends you the games via mail. All postage is paid.
  3. You can keep and play the game as long as you like, then send it back when you want to receive your next game.
  4. Gamefly sends you the next game once they receive the game you send back. Once again, all postage is paid for.

As you can see, the service is simple to use and all things considered, I find it to be very reasonably priced. If you want to check out Gamefly, make sure you use the Gamefly free trial I mentioned earlier in this article.