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This website covers a lot of topics that relate to online shopping and motorcycles, namely the Super Duke GT. We will provide images, videos and articles that should be of interest to anyone who loves reading or researching motorcycles.

New articles will be added here in the coming weeks.

Benefits of an eHarmony free trial

When it comes to services that I purchase online, I always like to try before I buy. It's important to me because I don't like paying for a service then being disappointed by it later. Sure, I can cancel the service, and in some cases I can even get a refund, but going through that process can always be a hassle. I much prefer to get a free trial first so that I can test drive a service before I ever pull out my wallet.

Such is the case for online dating. From Match.com, eHarmony, to niche sites like Christian Mingle, you have many options today when it comes to dating sites. The good news is that for most of them, it's not hard to get a free trial account. In most cases, all you need to do is register for the site. This alone will allow you to create a profile and start using a limited number of features.

For eHarmony, the free trial account will allow you to take a very long personality test and receive a free personality profile. Immediately thereafter, you will be able to complete your profile, adding photos descriptions as you see fit. I have found that at a minimum, you should add a couple photos for the best response. The best part is that even with the free account, you will receive matches based on eHarmony's proprietary matching system. You can even interact with other members to a certain extent with the free account. Of course, if you want to exchange emails freely, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership. However, you can do quite a bit for free on eHarmony. Therefore, I encourage you to get the eHarmony free account by going to dating coupons.net, a premier online dating website.

If you want general information on online dating, there are quite a few resources you can turn to. I like visiting about.com's dating section. You can also read articles on sites such as the Huffington Post. Last but not least, I think it's often a good idea to get advice from other bloggers and dating forums. You can find many dating forums if you do a search using Google.

Online dating pros and cons

online dating sites

In my last post, I discussed how you can use free trials to get a taste of online dating sites such as eHarmony and Match.com. If you have not tried a couple trial memberships, you should definitely do that, as there is no better way to learn about online dating.

That said, I would like to devote today's post on the pros and cons of online dating. For anyone who dates online, it is crucial to understand the possibilities as well as the limits. As someone who has used online dating sites for over 10 years, I have learned a thing or two about the strengths and weakenesses when it comes to finding love on the Internet. With that said, here are what I consider to be the main pros and cons of online dating:


  • You can interact with a greater number of people online. On larger dating sites like Match.com, there is bound to be hundreds or even thousands of eligible singles in your area.
  • You can use search filters to quickly narrow down the type of person you may be interested in. In the real world, you'd have to ask questions and go on a couple dates before you are able to determine true compatibility. Online, it might be a lot quicker to drill down to what's important.
  • You can take advantage of niche dating sites to further narrow down who you date. For example, sites like Christian Mingle allow you to join a site with like-minded individuals.
  • Online dating sites can often help find matches for you. This is particularly true of sites like eHarmony, which specializes in this type of dating. Not all matches may be right for you, but if you're short on time or don't want to kill hours of your time searching for the perfect match, using an online matchmaking algorithm might be worth checking out.


  • Online dating costs money. Of course, if you use coupons or free trials, the cost will go down somewhat, but keep in mind, meeting people in the real world is often free. Despite this, most people find the membership cost of online dating to be worth it.
  • There are scammers and dishonest people on dating site. This is something you'll be able to sniff out once you have some experience. However, newcomers can often be duped or they might end up meeting someone who ends up being quite a bit different from who they claimed to be on their dating profile.

For beginners of online dating, I usually recommend joining Match.com. As with Eharmony, which I discussed in my earlier article, Match.com likewise offers a free trial you can use to get an idea of how the site works. To get this trial, head over to http://couponleaf.com/match-com-promo-free-trial/. I believe the current trial is only 3 days long; however, you should still get it so that you can poke around with the features of the site.

Tips for cheaper gaming

Almost everyone I know likes to play games. These days, that usually means online video games instead of traditional games like Monopoly or Chess (both of which you can also play online). For those fortunate enough to like games on apps or free games, the cost to game online is minimal. But what about the rest of us. People who play PC games often pay $15 a month (e.g. World of Warcraft) or otherwise need to pay money to buy individual games or enhanced graphics cards. Playing on a console can sometimes be even more costly. Not only do you have to pay hundreds of dollars on consoles, you also need to shell out a good deal of money for each game you buy as well.

Fortunately, there is a cheaper way to play games. But before I get into the solution I find, I would like to ask you one question? How often do you play a game that you purchased? At first, you may play it every day. But once you win the game, the appeal usually deteriorates for most players. Even with a game you absolutely love, many people eventually tire of a game after a few months. Thereafter, the game simply sits on a shelf, making for a good addition to one's video game library, but serving no significant purpose beyond that. So we can see that purchasing video games does not always end up being the best financial decision.

The best scenario, then, seems to be borrowing video games. Were you to do this from Redbox, the cost is three dollars or more depending on where you live. This is usually higher than most people like to pay, and only works out if you want to rent a game for a short period of time.


It is for this reason that Gamefly is usually a better choice. Now, with Gamely, you must first obtain a membership, which starts around $15 a month (You can, however, get a 1-month free trial of Gamefly here). This works out to the equivalent of a 5-day rental from Redbox. But keep in mind that with Gamefly, you get to rent games for a full month. The way it works is as follows:

  1. You choose games you want to rent on the Gamefly website.
  2. Gamefly sends you the games via mail. All postage is paid.
  3. You can keep and play the game as long as you like, then send it back when you want to receive your next game.
  4. Gamefly sends you the next game once they receive the game you send back. Once again, all postage is paid for.

As you can see, the service is simple to use and all things considered, I find it to be very reasonably priced. If you want to check out Gamefly, make sure you use the Gamefly free trial I mentioned earlier in this article.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Finally Catching On

Not long ago, electronic cigarettes were still a rarity. I hardly ever saw someone using them in public. But things have changed quite a bit in the last five years or so. Nowadays, e-cigs are quite commonplace. There are several reasons that account for this in my opinion.

1) E-cigarettes are a healthier option to smoking. At first, not everyone bought this argument and quite a few warned that we can't be sure what the long-term effects of vaping might be. But as more and more people have begun to use e-cigarettes, people have started to realize that they seem to be more or less harmless for most people.

2) They are cheaper than regular cigarettes. Not only do a regular pack of cigarettes cost a lot more, there are also taxes that one must pay. By comparison, e-cigarettes are quite a bit less. In fact, some websites estimate that you can save $1800 or more per year by switching to e-cigarettes.

3) E-cigarettes taste better. This is a matter of personal opinion, but consider that smoking causes you to have bad breath and stinks up your car and furniture, whereas e-cigarettes have no such negative effects. As well, e-cigarettes offer you the chance to try out many different flavors, including dessert flavors, fruit flavors, drink flavors, and many others.

But the proliferation of e-cigarettes can have a downside. In the beginning, it was easy to get started with e-cigs since most setups were quite simple. Today, there are so many complex e-cigarette setups that the beginner can easily become overwhelmed. If you look on Youtube, you'll even find tutorials (like the one below) for e-cig users that spread over multiple videos and end up being a couple hours in length.


I don't know about you, but such a huge learning curve can be a turnoff for people who are just hoping for an easy way to get started.

Fortunately, there are still ways to get started in a simple manner. The answer is to use disposable e-cigs or simplified, small e-cigs commonly referred to as "cig-alikes." The disposable e-cigs are the simplest to use, as you simply open the package and start to use them. Once they are no longer producing vapor or the battery dies, you simply throw away the unit and start using the next one. In the long term, however, most people do not prefer to use disposable e-cigs since you can get better flavor from more advanced batteries.

The second option is to purchase a starter kit. In most cases, starter kits feature the small, cig-alike batteries. There e-cigs only have two parts, the battery and the cartridge. You simply screw the two parts together and you're ready to go. Unlike disposable e-cigs, however, you do not have to discard the battery when it runs out. Instead, you simply attach it to a recharger and can reuse it quite a few times. If you are unsure which brand to buy, I recommend Volcano. You can get Volcano Ecig coupons at this link if you want to get them at a discount.

I hope this article was helpful to new e-cigarettes users.

Ink buying is trickier than you might first imagine


Many of us don't put much thought into buying ink. We usually just go to an office supply store and purchase the ink we need. In the majority of cases, we probably just pick a brand new ink cartridge. In fact, at many office supply stores, there won't be any other type of ink available. But is this always the best choice to make? The answer, as you might imagine, is no.

For example, let's stay with new cartridges and simply compare the prices of a cartridge you buy online vs. one that you purchase at an office store. The cartridge I used costs about $20 at a typical office store. Online, however, if I go to good ink stores like Inkfarm, I can typically get the same brand new cartridges for around $16.

But that's now where your savings end. If you purchase refilled ink cartridges (sometimes called remanufactured cartridges), your cost per cartridge can go down another 2 or 3 dollars. So in totay, you can end up saving up to $7 per cartridge. Over time, savings like this can accumulate.

Last but not least, I will usually hunt for an online inkfarm coupon I can use to get the best deal I can. Usually, you will find that it won't take long to find such coupons. In the worst case, you can always just do a Google search, and on most days, you should find at least 2 or 3 working coupons you can activate immediately to get a decent discount on your order.

What type of fragrance should you buy?

Fragrances come in all types and sizes, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which fragrance is right for you. Here are some major types of fragrances you should consider, with brief descriptions of what each one is like.


1. Eau de toilette
This fragrance is not too strong and is perfect if you want to add a little scent into your life without overdoing it. You can get eau de toilettes for most brands, and all you need is a couple sprays each day on your neck or inner wrist to have a nice scent that will last into the evening.

2. Eau de parfum
These are the more traditional perfumes which have a strong scent. It is a great choice for people who want something more powerful than the eau de toilette. On the whole, you will have a better selection when shopping for eau de parfums. Note that eau de parfums offer a good deal of flexibility as well in terms of how strong a scent you wear. If you don't want your scent to be too strong, simply use it more sparingly.

3. Testers
These are bottles that come without the packaging. The good news is that tester bottles are usually heavily discounted, allowing you to get a nice fragrance for much less than you'd normally pay. I usually look for testers first when shopping for fragrances. If one is available, I just get that as I don't really care if I get the packaging or not.

Buying online is usually the best way to get a good deal on fragrances. I like to use the store, Affinity Mart, since they offer heavy discounts and also offer coupons from time to time. You can also try Ebay for low prices on fragrances.